Price. Quote. Bill. Chill.

Bunny is a radical new way to manage and scale SaaS revenue. Forget about complex billing and CPQ implementations – launch in an hour on Bunny instead.

What does Bunny do?


Product catalog

Products, add-ons, features, recurring and usage-based pricing.


Manage accounts, contacts, leads, and deals.


Seamless quoting for complex multi-year deals.

Customer portal

Branded portal for accepting quotes, paying invoices and managing subscriptions.

Platform integration

Automatic tenant feature provisioning and use reporting.


Invoicing of one-time fees, recurring subscriptions, usage-based and taxation.


Credit card payments, wires and ACH.


Powerful workflows for SaaS best practices, data enrichment and integration with 3rd parties.


Comprehensive dashboard and metrics for trials, revenue, sales, products, etc.

Revenue recognition

Accurate revenue recognition of all services sold via Bunny (coming)
SaaS Platform

Advanced product catalog

Having a flexible, single source of truth product catalog that can be used to model complex B2B SaaS deals is critical to ensuring sales can scale quickly while maintaining accurate reporting and billing.

Flexible pricing & quoting

Evolving your product offerings and winning competitive deals require great pricing flexibility. Bunny’s product-focused approach makes pricing and packaging a breeze and lets your sales reps produce quotes in record time.

Improve data accuracy

Understanding your unit economics is key to scaling a recurring revenue business, but that’s almost impossible when working across multiple systems. Bunny’s vertical approach gives you a single source of truth with accurate metrics out-of-the box.

Reduce operational complexity

Bunny’s vertically integrated approach simplifies revenue and facilitates growth. With fewer apps and broken integrations, less cost and complexity, and less maintenance, you enjoy more profits and more chill.

Grow faster with Bunny

Streamline revenue operations across the organization






Payments, taxation and more

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