Explore how Bunny supercharges your SaaS business

Product catalog

Start out by setting up the products and plans that you sell. Bunny’s feature-aware product catalog enables you to define your product offerings with one-time charges, recurring and usage-based fees with tiered and volume pricing in multiple currencies.


Invoicing & billing

Bunny takes care of calculating charges, issuing invoices and collecting subscription payments. Capture payment via credit card or ACH using either Bunny's own payment provider, BunnyPay or integrate with your Stripe account.


Customer management

Bunny includes a lite CRM that makes it easy to manage all your contacts, leads, accounts and deals – with accurate information about each engagement’s current subscriptions and revenue. Alternatively you can integrate with a full featured CRM like Salesforce.



As your business grows, the customers get bigger, the deals become more complex and you need to send custom quotes. Our quoting engine enables you to easily build, update, and finalize quotes that get your deal over the finish line fast. Time for a renewal, upgrade, or contraction? Quoting is a breeze then, too.


Platform integration

Bunny's bi-directional platform integration ensures that tenants are always in compliance with customer contracts. Any change that's approved through a quote is automatically pushed to your platform, which makes fulfillment immediate and reduces human error. Similarly, your platform can send usage reports to Bunny's API for billing purposes.


Customer portal

Building subscription management and billing into your product is harder than you think and takes the focus from building your core product. Integrating with Bunny’s branded customer portal makes it easy for customers to review, manage and upgrade their subscriptions, make payments and download invoices.



Bunny comes out-of-the-box with best practices for a number of businesses processes, such as trial nudges, payment reminders and platform updates. We understand that every business is different and you can customize existing workflows and create entirely new ones.