Integrated subscription management & billing

Focus on building features and let Bunny take care of the complexities of the subscription lifecycle

Bi-directional platform integration

Tenant provisioning

When you have thousands of customers, each with their own contract, automating the provisioning of features becomes paramount to customer satisfaction, billing accuracy and analytics. Bunny ensures that no tenant strays from their contract.

Usage tracking

Whether you want to track usage for billing purposes or customer engagement, Bunny makes it simple. Hook into Bunny's API and report usage on users, messages, storage, servers, transactions or any other metric you want to bill for or trigger events on.

Integration examples

Lead capture

Leads can originate from a number of different sources: manual entry, email campaigns, webinars, tradeshows, partners etc. Capturing leads is a breeze with Bunny's GraphQL API.

Sign up registration

Capture sign-ups directly from your marketing website with Bunny's GraphQL API and kick off trial nurturing campaigns that you have configured using Bunny's workflows.

Subscription management

Create a wide range of subscriptions types based on how you want to charge customers. Get notifications on subscription state or feature changes, automated invoice creation, recurring payments and dunning to chase outstanding payments.

Metered billing

Report platform usage to Bunny to enable usage based billing. For example, If your platform measure text messages or active users per month, Bunny will produce invoices based on their consumption.

GraphQL at the core

Use the Bunny API or SDKs to access to accounts, contact, subscriptions, billing and more.

Automate with Workflows

Nurture trials

Send follow up emails during to improve the trial experience and increase conversions.

Payment reminders

Send reminder emails for upcoming or failed subscription payments.

Post to Slack

Send custom webhook notifications to Slack when trials are created or subscriptions are upgraded