Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen

9 new features to streamline RevOps

Here is Bunny’s February 2024 product update and we have a lot of new functionality to talk about.

Dropbox Sign integration

In addition to DocuSign, Bunny now supports signing quotes with Dropbox Sign. The integration is available via Bunny’s plugin page and is enabled with two clicks. When a customer views a quote in Bunny’s portal and chooses to accept, the portal redirects to Dropbox Sign where the quote is ready for signature. Simple and easy.

Quote documents

Sometimes you want to attach other documents with a quote, for example, a company presentation or a master services agreement. These can now be uploaded in the quote builder and will become part of the signature package sent for signature.

More approval rules

Approval rules are very simple to configure in Bunny and we just added a few more conditions. You can now trigger approval of a quote if a certain product or plan is included in the quote, or if the billing period is of a certain length. 

Mobile portal improvements

We have improved the layout of quotes on mobile so you can now easily view them without having to scroll sideways.

Big buttons in quote builder

This is a small, but significant usability improvement. The quote builder now displays a large, green button for the next important action, such as sharing or applying a quote.

Duplicate product

The product catalog already allowed you to create copies of plans, price lists and charges using the Duplicate link in the sidebar. Now you can also duplicate an entire product, completely with features, plans, price lists and charges.

Undo applied quote

One of the great advantages of how Bunny manages subscriptions is that subscriptions can only be modified via quotes, which provides a detailed audit trail, but also ensures that users cannot just manipulate subscriptions and potentially bring tenants out of compliance with their contract. However, sometimes errors happen and you need the ability to undo a quote.

This is now possible for new subscriptions. The subscription will be removed, the invoice will be voided and the account balance adjusted accordingly. We will support undo for other operations in the future.

European VAT

Through our integration with Avalara AvaTax, Bunny now also supports European VAT. One of the special EU requirements for VAT is that the detailed VAT codes must be displayed on the invoice. We have chosen to show them as tooltips when the invoice is rendered in the portal in order not to make the invoice too messy.

Free/Contact us

Bunny’s Product Quick start provides an easy way to quickly create a product with plans. However, the Quick start always requires you to provide pricing for each plan. This doesn’t always work as some companies have a free plan or a plan where they don’t want to disclose standard pricing to the public. 

The Quick start (and the plan form) now allows you to choose whether a plan is free, has visible pricing or a contact-us option. The contact us option supports both email and web links.

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