Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen

Bunny integrates with HubSpot

Startups around the world love HubSpot CRM for its ease-of-use, integrated email marketing and of course its free version. We are excited to announce Bunny’s own integration with HubSpot CRM that takes CPQ (configure, price, quote) to the next level.

HubSpot itself has the ability to create quotes, but its functionality is more focused on the sale of physical goods and non-recurring services. In contrast, Bunny is optimized for B2B subscription revenue and combines enterprise quoting and billing in one package, thereby taking quoting with HubSpot to a whole new level.

Bunny’s goal is to enable SaaS companies to operate with speed and precision when it comes to subscription revenue and our integration with HubSpot is no different. The integration takes just a few clicks to set up and can immediately start quoting complex deals. No configuration in HubSpot is required.

HubSpot plugin authorization

Once the plugin has been authorized, the integration is enabled for all users in your HubSpot account. Select a company and look for the Bunny card in the sidebar on the right. One click takes you to Bunny where you can start building quotes.

The integration synchronizes the deal object, company and contacts. As you update your quote in Bunny, the deal amount in HubSpot will be updated.

HubSpot deal

Once a quote is accepted and the deal is closed, it only takes one click in Bunny to turn the quote into a subscription that will be automatically billed on a recurring basis. And of course, any upgrades or renewals of the subscription follow the same, streamlined quoting process. Furthermore, customers can view and manage their own subscriptions via Bunny’s customer portal for increased customer satisfaction.

Supercharge your SaaS revenue operations with HubSpot and Bunny.

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