Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen

Bunny RevOps principle #2 - Product catalog first

The product catalog is so critical for a SaaS company because of the inherent complexity of enterprise subscriptions. Once a deal has been priced and closed, the real work begins. Upgrades, quantity changes, renewals, and add-ons all complicate billing, self-service, tenant provisioning and revenue recognition.

If your business is both PLG and SLG, subscription changes can be driven by either the customer or by salespeople, and you want to ensure that both revenue streams are driven by the same engine, which is often not the case. Many SaaS companies run PLG through Stripe and SLG via QuickBooks/Xero/NetSuite, which means more manual processes and less automation.

By getting a powerful product catalog into your business early, that sweet automation will pay big dividends over time.

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