Rich Chetwynd
Rich Chetwynd

Streamline email marketing with Bunny’s new Mailchimp plugin

In the digital age, staying connected with your audience is paramount for the growth of your business. Email marketing is a powerful tool to ensure this connection, and to make this process more streamlined, Bunny has introduced a new plugin for Mailchimp. This integration aims to automate the addition of contacts to your Mailchimp lists whenever they are created in Bunny. For instance, when a new user signs up for your SaaS application, a subscription is created in Bunny. With the Mailchimp plugin installed, the process of adding this new signup to your marketing email list is automated, saving you time and ensuring a seamless marketing workflow.

How Bunny’s Mailchimp Plugin Enhances Onboarding

We have incorporated this plugin into Bunny's onboarding email flow to provide a smooth and automated experience for our new users. Here’s how it works:

  • Account Creation: When someone signs up for a Bunny account, a new subscription is created for them in Bunny.

  • Automatic Sync: The Mailchimp plugin is triggered, automatically syncing the new contact to our Mailchimp account. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring that every new signup is instantly added to our marketing funnel.

  • Tagging: The plugin allows us to define tags for the new contact in Mailchimp. We utilize this feature to tag the new signups with ‘SignUp’. This tagging helps in segmenting our audience, enabling us to send targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Automated Drip Campaigns: Leveraging the Mailchimp Journeys feature, we have set up an automated drip campaign of emails sent on a specified schedule to the tagged contacts. These emails serve as an onboarding sequence, guiding the new users through the process of setting up Bunny and ensuring they are on a fast track to success.

The Impact

The integration of the Mailchimp plugin has significantly enhanced our email marketing efficiency. It not only automates the mundane task of adding contacts to Mailchimp but also ensures that our new users receive timely and relevant information to get started with Bunny. The tagging feature further allows us to categorize and manage our audience effectively, ensuring that our marketing efforts are well-targeted and result-driven.

Moreover, the automated drip campaigns have proven to be a valuable asset in nurturing our new signups, providing them with a structured onboarding experience. The emails sent through the Mailchimp Journeys feature are designed to educate the users about Bunny’s setup process, ensuring they can make the most out of our platform from the get-go.


The new Mailchimp plugin by Bunny is a testament to our continuous efforts to provide a seamless and automated experience for both, us and our users. By bridging the gap between Bunny and Mailchimp, we have managed to create a more efficient and effective email marketing workflow. This integration not only saves time but also ensures that every new user is well-informed and equipped to succeed with Bunny.

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