Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen

Why 1:ID chose Bunny for subscription management

About 1:ID

1:ID is a European SaaS startup that digitizes and manages IDs for private individuals and service businesses in demand for identification. 1:ID allows individuals to share personal data with businesses and other users via a mobile app for easy and reliable identification.

Business model

1:ID’s service is free for individuals, but a Pro plan with premium features is soon available. Businesses are either on a Basic at $49/month or a Business plan at $495/month. In addition, businesses pay a monthly fee for the accumulated number of ID checks. In other words, recurring fee plus usage-based charges.


The founder of 1:ID, Kenneth Tang Laerke, has run several other businesses in the past and knew that revenue operations was something he needed to get right from the beginning in order to efficiently grow the business.

1:ID’s original plan was to integrate the marketing website with Stripe and ChargeBee and build the missing parts internally. Kenneth knew from experience that this would only support their initial requirements and that the revenue operations would have to evolve over time as the business grew. He had been searching the web for a complete revenue operations solution that could support them from launch to late stage and was excited to discover Bunny.


1:ID’s engineering team used Bunny’s Node.js SDK to integrate their marketing website and app via three different integration points.

  • Create trial subscription in Bunny

  • Launch Bunny’s self-service portal

  • Update tenant in 1:ID platform

When a new business partner (customer) signs up, an account is created in Bunny in trial state. At any point during the trial, the customer can access Bunny’s self-service portal from within 1:ID partner control panel and convert the trial, or upgrade the plan as well as view and pay invoices.

Plans and features are managed in Bunny’s product catalog. When a customer converts a trial to paid or moves from one plan to another, Bunny sends a message to 1:ID’s platform with the tenant’s new features. This enables 1:ID to experiment with pricing and packaging without any code changes.

While 1:ID expects the business to initially be self-service, quotes for special deals can be created in Bunny at any time without additional configuration.

Lastly, 1:ID uses Bunny’s built-in analytics to monitor the revenue; trial performance, MRR movements, collections and revenue recognition.

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