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What are the top 5 saas metrics for 2023?

Thinking about how to navigate a possible recession? Learn how B2B SaaS companies can manage their way through uncertain economic times and be positioned for growth again when the markets regain momentum.

How-to integrate your SaaS with Bunny for tenant provisioning

A critical part of delivering a great SaaS customer experience is making sure that customers have access to the features and usage limits that they have subscribed to. Learn how to integrate Bunny with your SaaS application to enable tenant provisioning.

Are your SaaS customers getting the features they paid for?

Ask any thriving SaaS company how they ensure that what a client buys is available in their account and you’ll certainly see eyes roll. This problem is widespread throughout the SaaS industry, and leads to unhappy customers.

Bunny achieves Avalara AvaTax certification

Combining CPQ, billing and taxation for subscription businesses has never been easier.

What is the SaaS rule of 40?

Learn about the SaaS rule of 40, how to calculate it and how it's useful during an economic downturn.

How we used Contentful to power our marketing website

When launching a new startup there is a constant stream of decisions to make and one of those is what to use for a marketing website.

How's that spreadsheet working?

Spreadsheets can be anything and are used for everything:  lists, tiny databases, budgets, revenue projections, compensation plans…and quote building.

The problem with CPQ

CPQ has a reputation of being both expensive and complex and there are several reasons for that. Let’s look at it from SaaS companies’ perspective.

Why Bunny?

As founders, we often create companies based on problems we have experienced ourselves and Bunny is no exception.