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Bunny's RevOps Principles for B2B SaaS

It can be tempting to introduce manual processes for parts of the business with the promise to automate them later when there is “enough pain”. In reality, when it’s painful enough, it’s much harder to automate and the can is often kicked down the road.

B2B SaaS trends to follow in 2024

In 2024, B2B SaaS businesses are navigating a dynamic landscape marked by AI and machine learning integration, flexible pricing models, industry-specific focus, mobile-first design, and heightened security and compliance measures.

Bunny integrates with HubSpot

Take subscription quoting in HubSpot to the next level with Bunny

Why you need quote approval workflows

As your sales team scales, manual approval workflows begin to break down. Bunny’s vertical approach makes it straightforward to set up approval workflows.

Why 1:ID chose Bunny for subscription management

Bunny’s revenue platform enables us to easily launch and grow well into the future far more effectively than with any other payment/subscription management solution.

Why Coupons are a Powerful Sales Incentive for B2B SaaS Companies

Bunny now support coupons to help you drive more business. Learn how coupons are relevant to B2B SaaS businesses and can drive revenue and improve customer relationships.

Streamline email marketing with Bunny’s new Mailchimp plugin

Bunny has introduced a new plugin for Mailchimp that automates the addition of contacts to your Mailchimp lists whenever they are created in Bunny.

13 signs the lack of advanced RevOps impedes your growth

The lack of a RevOps solution can result in missed growth opportunities, increased churn, and challenges maintaining a scalable business model.

10 signs you need CPQ

Bunny transforms the way SaaS companies operate, offering an all-in-one RevOps solution that seamlessly manages billing, quoting, self-service, tenant provisioning, advanced analytics, and revenue recognition with effortless precision.

The advantage of embedded analytics for revenue operations

Embedded analytics seamlessly weaves data analysis capabilities into the core of your RevOps solution. This integration ensures that teams across different departments can access real-time insights from within their familiar workflows.